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Do people like Lauren really exist? I seriously want every professional to be a mold of Lauren Gold!


Lauren provided us with coaching in the management of four projects. From the start, Lauren fit right in and adjusted her style based on the person she was working with. She developed a fantastic relationship with the key executive who needed to own the solution. He is hesitant to work with external providers, and to my relief, he really enjoyed working with Lauren!


Three biggest positives: She educated us in simple ways, was always available despite different time zones, and gave us daily updates. This was not our expectation, but this is the way Lauren does business.


Lauren had the projects outlined with very little information and stayed on top of all details. She used her experience to evaluate our suppliers and make suggestions on the process. She made sure that these suppliers, (that Lauren had never worked with) remained on task and held them accountable in a positive and constructive way. This took an amazing amount of time and worry off of my hands.


Overall, Lauren is a communicator and relationship builder. Any company would be crazy -not- to engage or retain Lauren Gold. She is a guaranteed slam dunk A-player.

"Lauren adjusted her style based on the person she was working with."

Melissa Gannon
Chief Administrative Officer
Spac Asset Management

"You know that feeling you get after meeting someone for only one hour and you are just thoroughly impressed?."

Lauren Rocks! You know that feeling you get after meeting someone for only one hour and you are just thoroughly impressed? That is Lauren! We only met once, and she is a terrific listener, communicator, great attitude, and aptitude to learn. Oh, her follow-up is great!

Kendall Kunz
Chief Executive Officer
Forms On Fire

"Lauren is a wizard at knowing where the speed bumps are going to be and routing around them."

Lauren is a wizard at knowing where the speed bumps are going to be and routing around them.


I've known Lauren for 8 years and had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects. Lauren's business savvy and leadership confidence show through on everything she touches. She's proactive, knows her stuff, and values being the solution to problems. When launching a project she is welcoming and efficient, defines common goals, and is a positive influence on everyone she works with. Lauren's creativity is off the charts in her unique ability to always find a way to make things work.


Lauren's got a great sense of the people around her and tailors her product, process, and approach based on project nuances and our needs. When the ball's in her court, I always know she has it, and it's like a weight being lifted. Working with Lauren is a delight, and I look forward to my next opportunity.

Penelope Frye
Chief Operating Officer
CBD Products

"Lauren ensured we focused on the people behind the numbers."

Iain Douglas
Chief Marketing Officer
ArchPoint Group

Lauren is a consistent and diligent partner. Through her coaching, Lauren was instrumental in helping me deliver meaningful and timely performance reviews, evaluations, and in better managing the entire people management process through the company. She understood the time required to deliver meaningful processes and would roll up her sleeves and sit down as a partner in my office to help get actionable and meaningful development plans in place in order to improve the performance of the individuals on my team. She took the time to understand each person on the team and ensure things were completed on time in a very time-constrained environment. When the pressures to deliver the numbers seemed to take precedence, Lauren ensured we focused on the people behind the numbers.

"She guided me through the analysis and gave me in-depth knowledge of the teams I work with."

Lauren was an absolute dream client when she offered me a chance to work with her at Heineken. In our business, we throw the word "partner" around often. Lauren is the model for a great partnership. She actively guided me through the analysis and gave me in-depth knowledge of the groups I engaged. She was quite open to creative approaches as long as they returned value for her organization! What a pleasure it was to work with a true professional, and a great and fun person. Don't miss the opportunity to work with her should it come your way. You will be better for it!

Tom Fox
Chief Executive Officer
CM Profit Group

"Lauren takes the complexity out of the process!"

Jane Wells
Chief Procurement Officer
Univar Solutions

Lauren takes the complexity out of the process! She supported me with the creation of a new executive role in my organization and brought a very fresh perspective to the process. Lauren had a great ability to drill into critical skillsets for the role, rather than a traditional focus on job responsibilities. Lauren nailed what the job needed to entail with limited exposure to the specific industry focus. Her approach streamlined the process and sped up the creation of this new position.


Lauren also led our first organization-wide performance calibration. She made sure the deliverable was understood and kept us on task while keeping the process meaningful. Performance calibration is not an easy process to adopt for a decades-old company, but Lauren's perseverance paid off in a swift execution.


Lauren is collaborative, enlists and involves the right people in each process, and has a creative approach. She understood my priorities and partnered to support my success. She is a people person, listens, and responds with empathy.

"Lauren's actionable feedback simply made us better executives and better people."

Energy, passion, dedication, creativity, and a genuine interest in people are just a few adjectives to describe Lauren. She was an invaluable resource to our entire organization.

Lauren was instrumental in taking our team comprised of diverse backgrounds, skills, and ethnicities and creating a unique and unified culture. Her infectious energy, creative style, and focused implementation of straightforward but effective processes helped us create a team that was prepared to win in the marketplace.


Lauren was a mentor that was giving of her time and consistently provided genuine, positive, and actionable feedback that simply made us better executives and better people. She's a true professional and I'm thankful for having the opportunity to work with her.

Michael Neiss
Michael Neiss Associates

"She challenged me and the team to think out of the box."

Patrick Pollard
Director of Operations

It was a great pleasure to work with Lauren.


My most memorable interaction and we had many was during our preparation for a product launch. I volunteered to be the team leader on a project to develop a training program that would be used to build brand ambassadors. Where Lauren's input was instrumental to the overall success of the program was that she taught me in a very easy-to-understand manner how to take an idea and craft it into an entire program.


She helped me craft the program, taking my ideas and showing me how to turn them into a format that could be presented in a live, interactive manner. She was a great leader to bounce ideas off of, she helped keep the project on time, and challenged me and the team to think out of the box to put together a truly remarkable tool.

"When you work with Lauren, you realize she is raising the bar and you learn at the same time."

I was a client of Lauren’s for six years. I immediately recognized in her someone who had a vision, the smarts, and the determination to help me make the changes that our organization needed. In fact, Lauren pushed me to adapt a business solution I created for another client for my business solution to help achieve a new vision of customer service. She saw the value of the product I created.

At a point where the value of my solutions was questioned by my organization, Lauren expertly guided my due diligence with the employees to confirm the solution would meet organizational needs. She works very closely with her customers - in fact - depends on them.


I then hired Lauren for a second initiative to develop a new channel for the business - much larger than the first. She orchestrated customer task teams, set a clear timetable, and ensured that every component, again, met customer needs. When you work with Lauren, you realize she is raising the bar and you learn at the same time.

Ken Sullivan
Senior Vice President
CMS Consulting

"Lauren is among the top coaches we have engaged with over the years ."

Trini Amador
Managing Partner
BHC Consulting

I met Lauren while she was driving the internal brand marketing training curriculum project. The objective was to develop a program that aligned the annual planning process across three business units and assist brand marketers with improving their skill set, effectiveness, and efficiency.


Lauren's expertise in both coaching and her in-depth work with brand management were instrumental in her briefing us on the business need and helping to manage the process of determining the capabilities required to choose a vendor.


Lauren's obvious comfort with coaching and other leadership approaches was obvious and made her effective in the role of launching this new initiative. Lauren is among the top coaches and training leaders we have engaged with over the years at BHC and it is a joy to be able to recommend her.

"Lauren's motivational and sedulous spirit shined throughout."

Lauren is an exceptional individual with a wealth of knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm for her profession and helping others. While coaching our Brand Marketing team, Lauren championed an organization initiative within our Brand Marketing BUs. Lauren's motivational and sedulous spirit shined throughout her involvement and communication with our teams. I am happy that Lauren continues to mentor me.

Carolyn Lesher Skala
Senior Brand Marketing Consultant
San Francisco

"Lauren's ability to enlist others and identify the right solution had a positive and lasting outcome."

Ken Kunze
Chief Marketing Officer
PepsiCo | Heineken
Craft Brewers Association

Lauren facilitated the start-up and change management process for enrolling my new organization and leadership team following a significant reorganization. The process was thorough, beginning with a leadership team off-site and organizational prioritization. Lauren was able to take my objectives and design a meeting, leadership experience, and exercises to realize our goals. The focus was on creating a new culture. Lauren designed a 2-day meeting for my entire Business Unit, which would be employee-led, and the result was a 2-day impactful experience. The meeting was designed to be informative and participative leading to greater understanding and engagement. My leadership team was completely prepared. Lauren's ability to enlist others, mobilize my team around a new experience and take the responsibility to identify the right solution had a positive and lasting outcome. As a result of her efforts, the new organization was able to transition and successfully implement the desired changes. Job well done!

"Lauren was so clear about my steps that I am applying the learning immediately."

I’ve been a Couple’s Therapist, Psychologist, and Coach for 30 years. 


As a result of my interaction with Lauren

  1. I had my leaning towards organic marketing confirmed. That my audience is there and I am encouraged to hire a LinkedIn expert to manage my connection reach out plus organic posts. 

  2. Because Lauren was so clear about my steps forward I am applying the learning immediately. I have posted the job on Upwork and working my way through the applications and I have set up a 3-month content calendar in preparation for the hired person taking it over.

  3. After the session, I had a solid grasp of how to build my organic posts from general business focus to a gradual introduction on the impact of unhappy relationships on business performance to ensure no resistance as I build my profile 

  4. The results I expect after the session are that I will have a LinkedIn assistant within two weeks and my LinkedIn connections will double within 3 months and quadruple across 12 months.

  5. This learning was invaluable because it confirmed my belief and sharpened my focus on where my market audience is. 


am so very grateful for the opportunity to learn from Lauren. 

Dee Tozer
Master Coach
Dee Tozer, LLC

"I consider Lauren to be a top strategist and a great listener."

I have worked with more than 250 suppliers and consultants and I have met many wonderful people. Lauren however, has been my favorite and has provided the most value to me. Lauren gave me expert advice that jumpstarted me with my career and business endeavors. I consider Lauren to be a top strategist and a great listener. Don't hesitate to contact Lauren!

Talma T.
Associate CIO
Arizona State University

"With her coaching, I was able to increase my business 3-fold."

Lauren is the professional Coach I had long been looking for. With her coaching, I was able to increase my business success 3-fold. Her 30 Years of experience is an asset for anyone looking to go to the next level. 

Gus V.

"Lauren always knows what I don't know ... yet."

Living with ADHD? Turns out it's not made up. The creativity boost is great but staying on task, is difficult...Lauren really cuts through the clutter and helps me determine what my number 1,2, and 3 priorities are. Lauren always knows what I don't know...yet.

Marc R.
Chief Marketing Officer

"Lauren is exceptional."

Lauren is exceptional. This is by far my most rewarding coaching exercise. It is clear Lauren has an enormous amount of experience in HR and other business disciplines. She brings a wealth of knowledge and genuine enthusiasm. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lauren. 

Bella Charles
Director, Financial Services
Sydney, Australia

"She has assisted me with navigating and communicating within a corporate structure."

Marci Cohen
New Jersey

I've utilized Lauren’s coaching expertise multiple times. The majority of my assistance was working with senior executives and communicating effectively with them in challenging situations. She has assisted my challenges, specifically with navigating and communicating within a corporate structure. It has not been easy throughout, but Lauren's advice, assistance, suggestions, and assessments have been critical to carry me through. There was plenty of immediate assistance that helped through my process, but what really stood out to me was the advice she'd offer that became useful down the road as things developed. I greatly appreciate her value and assistance. She is a Godsend. I highly recommend her.

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