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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend every month?

Yes, you do. Building a community based on trust requires you to be there for the other sisters in your group.

Members are permitted to miss one meeting per year. It's a commitment.


Can I have one of my team members attend if I can't?

No. This is for CEOs and Owners only, and it's *you* that your group depends on learning from and contributing to each month.

Is this the same as group coaching?

No. This is not a group coaching program at all. 


Is this a pay-as-you-go program?

No, this is a commitment. There is an annual agreement. If you need to pay monthly, the monthly fee will have a processing premium.


Are there events that I need to travel for?

No. Marketing Agency CEOs and Owners have enough conferences to travel for. As women and moms, travel can create even more stress. The goal is to keep this easy.


Monthly meetings for two hours each is a lot. Can that be reduced?

No. If you want business results, accountability, and most of all build a community of like-minded and equally-qualified sisters, a time investment is required. 

To put it in perspective, two hours represents 1.5% of work time per month. You deserve this gift of professional growth, business improvement, new friends, and radical success.

What if I need more assistance?

You've come to the best place!

  • Biweekly problem-solving sessions are offered with sufficient interest and included with your membership.

  • Generous support is available at all other times because the Elevate 40 Mastermind is designed to help you succeed. Got a challenge? People problem? Practice a presentation? 1:1 support is included with your membership.

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